Kate began dabbling with websites in 1996, with no idea that she would evolve into an SEO marketing consultant by 2003. SEO and digital marketing create a perfect storm for her interests and skills! She says: “It brings together my business and marketing experience, a fascination with people and a touch of nerd when it comes to science, data and annoying developers by fiddling with the code.”

Kate’s background is in business and marketing (degree in Anthropology and a Cranfield MBA) but she has always valued science and data. Alongside her marketing skills, she has built a solid foundation of SEO and digital skills underpinned by a continuous learning ethos. Kate networks regularly with highly regarded SEO professionals across the world who share learning and brainstorm solutions to client challenges. She says: “I definitely don’t know all the answers but I’m often only a step or two away from a great solution to your challenge! No matter how I do it, my goal is unchanged; to deliver cost effective, pragmatic marketing that supports your business growth.”

Kate’s vocational qualifications include SEO, Local Search, website audits and Google Analytics. She also has experience in Google Ads & Hubspot.