Tourist Board Representation

Tourist Board Representation

"Lemongrass could always be relied upon to produce results even under the strain of limited budgets."

Frank Haas

formerly Vice President of Tourism Marketing

Hawaii Tourism Authority

With decades of experience under our belts, we have successfully represented tourist boards as diverse as the Algarve, Hawaii, the Seychelles, Lausanne, New York City, Berlin and Hamburg.

Whether you would like to raise your profile in the UK and Ireland, are looking to increase visitor numbers and length of stay or need an experienced crisis PR team, we’ve done it all. We offer the full range of tourist board representation services.

We have forged first-class relationships with representatives from the UK Travel Trade, a variety of Airline companies, social influencers and the Travel & Lifestyle media. We know who to speak to in order to positively influence opinions on your destination, and also the number of bookings!

We have organised creative and interactive roadshows for our destination clients, strategized and implemented consumer events such as “Hamburg on Tour”, successfully launched pop up events for Berlin, organised mega fams for up to 80 participants, put together social influencer programmes for Lausanne and hosted close to 100 successful group press trips to a raft of destinations around the world.

Every destination is different so the first thing we’d do is to assess what it is you would like to achieve and then work out a strategy with you that delivers exceptional results.

Nothing off the peg. Everything designed to deliver.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you increase visitor numbers, length of stay or spend to your destination please contact Mirjam and we can advise on the best strategy for successful market entry. Or call +44 1865 237990