Lausanne Tourisme (Switzerland)

Medieval charm, lakeside setting and amazing chocolate – is this Europe's most underrated city break?

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James Litston

J W Marriott Venice

This hilly city and Switzerland’s fourth largest enjoys a blessed lakeside location. The medieval centre is dominated by a grand Gothic cathedral, while the rest of the city boasts a raft of museums devoted to interests as diverse as Art Brut and the Olympics.

Throughout the year Lausanne’s citizens are treated to a busy arts calendar, alongside a plethora of activities beside (and on) the lake. Strolling the lakeshore in picturesque Ouchy (once a lakeside village in its own right, but long since enveloped by the city) is a pleasant diversion. Equally enjoyable is a meander, day or night, around Flon, an area of formerly derelict warehouses rejuvenated as a hip urban centre with a cinema complex, art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and bars.

A taste of Lausanne

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